About Us

"Gourmand Alimentos", Flavours of the world

Founded in 1990, Gourmand is proud of its achievements and continues to explore new market niches and bring quality products from abroad to the brazilian market.

This was the company´s aim when it started it´s activities in 1990, year in which the brazilian government fostered an opening to imports.

Since then, Gourmand has been innovative, introducing saltless and sugarless products, breakfast cereals, marshmallows, organic products, among many others which had never been seen in this market before.

To comply with this aim, the company has always taken part in the most important International Food Fairs, seeking the most consecrated brands and the best manufacturers, besides novelties in the food segment, to distribute a range of worldwide products in the domestic market.

As time went by, Gourmand also adapted to it´s costumer´s needs and requests, offering the tastiest flavours from the world market, as our motto is to offer you, the Brazilian consumer, the "flavours of the world ".