New Products
Gourmand Alimentos is well known as a very innovative company, always bringing to Brazil the best products form around the world. Below we list some of our most recent lines and products.
Gourmand brings with exclusivity 13 delicious products from the American chocolate giant Hershey. Among them the delicious Hershey's syrup and toppings, Snacks products, confections and much more.
Two novelties in the lGrain D'Or mustard range. Bornier's delicious Dijon mustard comes now in 850g packaging and in Squeeze.
Cantina Mexicana presents three new features, the PARTY KITS. They are kits with nacho tortilla chips and three options of sauces: cheese, salsa and guacamole. Ideal for all moments.
The german brand Weinrich has three novelties in the brazilian market. Two 100g chocolate bars of the PORTA range in milk and bitter tastes, and the 100g chocolate bar with Amarula Liqueur filling.
The Polish Colian range is new to the market and features delicious and innovative products. Chocolates with delicious chocolate, caramel and pistachio fillings, as well as the delicious Mella, which are gelatins covered with chocolate in four different flavors.